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So what happens to us? Over the past 100 years, we killed our planet that lived and developed four and a half billion years. We destroyed the forests, polluted the reservoirs, destroyed half the flora and fauna .... And this is a fact.
If you imagine that everything happens in the universe in accordance with the laws, then there is nothing surprised that today the planet itself will decide to destroy us. Today, the number of natural cataclysms increases, and their strength is constantly growing. We live in cities, and today we still do not feel. We must include a project that will help restore our civilization, overcome the crisis of consciousness, and help the huge number of people. And then, perhaps, we will change the world for the better.

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Connecting People to Boutique

Prepared to include a number of television channels and radio waves, which lead the system for maritime games.
This is an interesting annual event. According to the scenario in games more than 100 ships are involved.

Красочный студийный портрет

This Is Us

The whole project is calculated by mathematics. What does this mean? Development of all structures, employees, consumers of goods and services, the movement of funds, income and expenses of the system is one complex geometric form, which, in essence, combines such knowledge as an economy, algebra, geometry, physics and geography.
That is, the development of the system from the very beginning to full completion is scheduled, temporary development, control and distribution of funds are determined.

Esoteric knowledge of the sacred geometry is used.
The composition of the team is determined by the mathematical structure in accordance with the laws of the geometry of the sixth element of the Platonic bodies opened in 2006.
A number of enterprises are based on control and management that exercise nine people.

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